High-tech quality bellows


Transformed into a high tech material, rubber shows high advantages concerning its elasticity, longevity and safety. Bellows are used as important components in various fields of application.


All-purpose solutions on an individual basis


For each requirement MaTec chooses an elastomer that has the optimal physical and chemical characteristics. This is fulfilled by taking into account economical factors as well. Through this line of action MaTec stands for highly competent advice in customer service for several years, thus securing our partners’ confidence.


The ordered quantities can be adapted with the help of our highly modern technological equipment. A range of very diversified designs and sizes can be produced according to individual needs in large as well as small series. MaTec recommends the most efficient quality product based on an efficient analysis of function and profitability.


Continuous improvements and new developments in a wide range of high tech rubber products show our manufacturing competences and reliability.


MaTec rubber factory: Specialist and manufacturer for moulded rubber parts – Gaskets, bellows, membranes, rubber metal.