With our rubber products
you fly safely around the world!

Precision and safty are mutually conditional. Our products pass the hardest tests. The requirements for rubber products and composites, such as rubber –metal or rubber– synthetic material are extremly high.

Selected elastomeric products especially developed for aeroplanes are developed and manufactured under continuous quality management. The safety aspect is our absolute priority.

MaTec became an official supplier for moulded elastomer parts to Eurocopter in 2004.

Furthermore, MaTec is member of the Berlin-Brandenburg Aerospace Alliance (BBAA).

Advantages of rubber parts in aviation

Of particular importance for the functioning of a hydraulic system is the hose material. On the one hand, it has to be easy to move, on the other hand it has to endure high and perhaps even highest pressures. Predestined for this are special synthetic rubbers, especially chloroprene and nitrile rubber.