Mission statement

We are a medium-sized business with a background built on more than 65 years in existence. We consider ourselves an innovative enterprise for individual high-tech products in the field of moulded rubber parts for technology.

  • The customer is always in the foreground of all our activities. Thus through quality, reliability, promptness, close customer relations and good service we strive for versatile and stable customer relations – relations which are distinguished by mutual trust.
  • Marketing and innovation are central to our business operations. We aim to be attractive and successful through our technological know-how for sophisticated products.
  • Our striving towards continuous improvement sets standards for our customers´ expectations.
  • We share an open atmosphere including appreciation as well as criticism within and between all levels of our business. Our teamwork is based on mutual respect, trust and fairness. Discrimination of any kind is irreconcilable with our company´s culture.
  • Our company is well aware of its responsibility for ecology and contributes in an enduring manner to lasting and ecologically sound development.
  • We are proud to be located in Germany.
  • Our vision: we strive to achieve a technologically leading position in the field of moulded rubber parts production.